Padel Compograss

Artificial grass Padel

Synthetic grass COMPOGRASS for paddle tennis is a short, very dense grass, perfect for playing the sport of paddle. Playing paddle tennis on grass allows a slower game and, at the same time, this type of surface better absorbs the force of footsteps and impacts, it has more cushioning . This increases the player’s comfort by reducing the stress on their muscles and joints, which do not suffer as much. And the risk of injury is also reduced.

Colores cesped padel Composan

To fully enjoy an artificial grass paddle tennis court, it is very important that it is properly cared for. This entails routine maintenance , including: keeping the surface clean, brushing to keep the surface even, redistributing sand, etc.


COMPOGRASS P 12/49 approved by the Spanish Padel Federation .

The following table shows the types of COMPOGRASS Pádel turf :

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