Soft and comfortable grass

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Artificial turf floors in playgrounds and recreation areas are increasingly in demand, as an alternative to sand or recycled rubber floors. This is because synthetic grass offers several advantages, which must be considered when choosing what type of floor or pavement we want to enjoy. These advantages would be, among others:

  • Keeps in very good condition for many years
  • It resists bad weather very well
  • it’s very easy to clean
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Can be installed on any surface
  • Gives a feeling of naturalness .

COMPOSAN has developed COMPORECREO, a flooring system made up of natural cork slabs, which are covered with synthetic grass.

COMPORECREO can be applied to any type of sports, recreation or playground surface and creates a soft and comfortable surface, with a very natural and decorative appearance.


  • It meets the requirements of the UNE EN 1177 standard: “Impact-absorbing coatings for play area surfaces. Determination of critical drop height”
  • It can be installed both in new construction areas and in areas that require renovation
  • Antistatic system (prevents the formation of static electricity on the lawn), when ballasted with fine silica sand
  • Turf available in green, blue or red

Image gallery of COMPORECREO

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